“Immigration Could Put Jews In Bind With Latinos” or so Says the New York “Jewish Week” Which Won’t Bother to Quote Dissenting Voices

Stephen Steinlight emails: Friends,
New York’s “Jewish Week” has once again published a news story/editorial pressing for a vigorous alliance between US Jews and Hispanic organizations to promote an exponential increase in immigration as well as amnesty for illegal aliens. As I’ve been telling American Jews across the country for years, not only is massive immigration by low-skilled workers economically disastrous, but it also creates enormous pain for the most vulnerable within our own society with whom the illegal aliens compete for jobs and housing even as they lower wages and worsen working conditions. These “Tikkun Olam” Jews are post-American, so they are citizens of the world and make no distinction between fellow citizens and the illegal alien that sneaked in last night. Further, the most solid survey research from Lou Harris Associates and the old NCCJ back in 1992 showed foreign-born Hispanics to be the second most anti-Semitic group on the planet, only Muslims beating them out. A smaller poll by ADL in 2003 found precisely the same findings.

There’s another problem. The Jewish Establishment does not want an open debate on this issue. So when New York’s “Jewish Week” ran the article about this “alliance” I was not quoted, even though they know I am the most well-known opponent of this view.

Recent survey research shows that a strong majority of American Jews support my side of the argument, and they feel the same way about illegal immigration as their fellow Americans. An American Jewish Committee poll even found a clear majority of US Jews supports Arizona’s SB1070.

I am urging you to dash off a quick email — one line will do — to the comment line about this article (by James Besser) attacking the failure to present opposing points of view and mentioning that I am conspicuous by my absence.

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