A Toast to Domaine 547

We’re in the midst of an incredible social trend: the democratization of wine, as both a hobby (collectors abound) and as a means to meeting fellow connoisseurs. At the forefront of this movement is Jill Bernheimer, Founder of Domaine 547 (www.domaine547.com), an incredible resource for buying wine and learning about the many brands, foreign and domestic, that are available for people to enjoy. Jill’s passion for wine – and her interests reflect a sincere desire to help individuals purchase the right wine, and thus share her appreciation for the craftsmanship that defines a good vintage – is worthy of our attention and respect. Domaine 547 is the only site I recommend that is accessible to a novice and fully comprehensive for an expert. Jill will also be hosting a wonderful evening at Campanile (www.campanilerestaurant.com) on Tuesday, June 3. Please take a moment to learn about this elegant dinner and the many innovative concepts that make Domaine 547 such a resounding story of fun and enlightenment.

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