Alexandra Wallace Was Planning A Blog

The UCLA Daily Bruin reports.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

The UCLA student whose anti-Asian video rant garnered millions of views online and intense backlash appears to have had aspirations of creating similar videos as part of a blog.
Shortly after the earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan on Friday, Alexandra Wallace, 20, posted a three-minute video on YouTube in which she mocked Asian languages and expressed her annoyance with Asian students talking loudly in the library on their cell phones, including those calling Japan to check on relatives after the deadly tsunami.
After the backlash, Wallace issued an apology Monday, saying she “cannot explain what possessed me to approach the subject as I did.”
However, it seems the original video was not intended to be a one-time hit.
“My daughter wants to start a blog,” wrote Wallace’s dad on his Facebook page.
John Wallace, a Sacramento-area retail developer, posted on Friday at 11:17 a.m.: “She’s asking for domain suggestions for ‘Asians on their cellphones in the library!’ She’s shooting videos as I write.”
John Wallace also posted March 3 that his daughter was selected for the audience of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” reunion show.
Father and daughter did not respond to numerous attempts by The Bee to seek comment.
Wallace graduated from Fair Oaks’ Bella Vista High School in 2008, said San Juan Unified spokesman Trent Allen.
…Fake Facebook pages and parody videos have been created, and her Fair Oaks address and phone number have been posted on several online sites.

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