Does This Ad Give You Bad Thoughts?

When I look at this image, I think about Torah, but apparently not every guy is as righteous as I am.

Telz Angel writes:

It has been said that Frum Satire drives people off the derech. How wrong this is ! Let me count the ways. Here are the Top ten ways FrumSatire makes me feel more frum,

10. The website ads drive me to frum sites. Especially the one with a girl and her open lips — which I love to click and discover the website of a shul! How frum is that!?

9. Time spent on Frum Satire means less time watching TV — and we all know that TV is total Bittul Torah.

8. The weekly d’var torah reminds me what the parsha is this week, it’s almost like being “maa’vir sedra” without having to fake through targum onkelos.

7. Commentors who call the guest authors douche-bags are doing the mitzvah of tochocha (rebuking).

…She has the same lips as a real doll. Next time I visit San Francisco I’m debating — to visit this shul or the massage place right near the kosher grill in Chinatown. I think based on this ad — the shul. Oh I feel frum, thanks to Heshy.

Thinking that we should do a caption contest on the picture. My entry: “Wow, who was your mohel? I want to send him a Thank You card!”

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