Mira Zeffren – A New Spinka Indictment

Mira Zeffren was the president of the Kyffin Pharmacy at 6000 Woodman Avenue, Van Nuys, CA, 91401, but she’s now out of that business and facing indictment for money laundering.

Mira Zeffren is known in Orthodox life in Los Angeles for the amount of (tzedaka) charity she gives. Her religious community has largely rallied around her in her time of need. People are angry that she was arrested at her son’s wedding a few weeks ago when she was never a flight risk. She’s widely regarded as a good-hearted woman who helped a lot of people when she could but made a few bad choices that have landed her in this trouble.

Those who lent her money during her difficulties and are unlikely to get paid back are not so thrilled with her.

Mira has surrendered her pharmacy license and Kyffin Pharmacy is no more. More More

The U.S. District Court for the Central District of California has indicted Mira Zeffren for conspiracy to subscribing to a false income tax return.

Here’s the Jan. 25 Failed Messiah report on her arrest at a haredi wedding. I added this.

Jane emails me about an earlier and less accurate version of my blog post:

I am a member of the Hancock Park Orthodox Community and am quite outraged by what I have read and know personally about Mira Zeffren. You posted yesterday that there was going to be a hearing to review Mira Zeffren’s pharmacy license for her company, Kyffin. I’m surprised that you didn’t follow this to read that the Kyffin license was “surrendered” and that 2 of her pharmacists has their licenses revoked and that Kyffin is no longer in business! Please see the attached in which it points out that Mira/Kyffin over-billed Medi-Cal by almost $8,000,000 as part of a billing scam.

Why am I particularly upset about this? Well – Mira came to us as she did to other Orthodox members of the Hancock Park community and begged us to lend her money to keep Kyffin going while she was in the process of selling it. She promised us that after she sold it she would repay our loan. Well, that hasn’t happened and I’m sure it will never happen because she [sold] Kyffin Pharmacy… Now that Mira has been indicted for tax fraud, I’m even more certain that she will never repay our loan.

Where is this going to lead? I’m afraid nothing good will come of it as the government will probably start putting the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out all of Mira’s different criminal escapades.

According to the charitable organization meirpanim.org:

We are proud to introduce our distinguished Board Member and dear friend, Mrs. Mira Zeffren, noted philanthropist and long-time pioneer in the pharmaceutical establishment. Her ties with Meir Panim stretch several years back, when her family, husband and two boys visited Israel. During that trip a mutual acquaintance introduced her to Dudi Zilbershlag, founder of Meir Panim; they volunteered in the soup kitchen and instantly fell in love with the organization.

Mrs. Zeffren’s dedication and outstanding involvement adds much fuel to keep the engines running. A perfect example of this is the refrigerated truck Mr. & Mrs. Zeffren donated to transport meals for disadvantaged children to schools and daycare centers in Israel.

Mira and Husband David, with their two sons aged 17 & 18, reside in LA. Since 2002, she is Owner & President of Kyffin Pharmacy, a Long Term Care Pharmacy providing pharmaceutical services for several thousand beds.

Her previous appointments include:
• Executive V. P. of Commerce Pharmacy/NCS Healthcare in Southern California
• Executive V.P. of Operations, Patient Care Pharmacy/Integrated Health Services Inc. & Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice, University of Southern California
• V.P.-Professional Services of Patient Care Phmcy.
• Reg. Pharmacist in States of California, Missouri & Illinois

• 1991-graduated cum laude with M.Ph. degree from University of California
• BS Pharmacy degree from St. Louis College of Pharmacy
• Teaching Degree from Jerusalem College For Women

She has also created vital programs benefiting the Pharmaceutical Establishment and has made significant scientific contributions to prestigious publications.

Honorary Appointments:
• Board of Directors and Executive Board – Orthodox Union-NY
• Board of Directors – Bikur Cholim, California
• A.S.C.P. Appointment to the Public Affairs Council
• Chairperson of the Board -California Pharmacist’s Assoc. Academy of Long Term Care

• Assist. Professor Pharmacy Practice-University of Southern California
• American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, Editorial Review Board, The Consultant Pharmacist
• Board of Directors –Meir Panim Relief Centers in Israel

Mrs. Zeffren has been lauded for her exemplary services to the community in addition to her noteworthy contributions to the medical establishment. She is the recipient of the:

• 2003 Keter Shem Tov Award – Orthodox Union
• 1993 Award for Pharmacy Excellence-Merck & Co., Inc.
• The Smith Kline & French Award –Excellence in Clinical Pharmacy

We are truly proud and honored that Mrs. Zeffren sits on our Board and actively volunteers of her valued time, effort and substance to promote our humanitarian mission.

From ExactCost.com: “Dr. Mira Zeffren served as a Regional Executive Director for NCS Healthcare, Inc. a provider of pharmaceutical and related services to long-term care facilities, including skilled nursing centers, assisted living facilities and hospitals. NCS serves approximately 215,000 residents in 33 states and manages hospital pharmacies in 14 states. Mira is a fellow of, and has served on the regional boards for, the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and the California Pharmaceutical Association. She is also an adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy. Mira has developed two software programs, MedTrax and ProTrax being used in the Long Term Care Pharmaceutical Industry. She has published articles in the Annals of Internal Medicine. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Saint Louis College of Pharmacy.”

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