The Westwood Renaissance

Take a Stand — Go to The Stand (

Westwood Village is in the midst of a major commercial renaissance: new restaurants, stores and cool attractions. Perhaps the most popular spot in the neighborhood, a welcome addition for fans of classic American food, is The Stand (, located at 1116 Westwood Boulevard. The restaurant has truly excellent food, with a wide assortment of delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, salads and desserts. In fact, Monday is Dollar Dog Night at The Stand — a great bargain for hungry UCLA students and families who deserve a break from this hot wave! And then there’s the restaurant’s decor: an iconic atmosphere that clearly evokes the history and style of beloved eatery. Patrons effusively laud The Stand’s emphasis on service and quality, offering some of the city’s best hot dogs, among many epicurean delights. Here’s a bit a trivia for you, dear readers: Los Angeles is the hot dog capital of the United States. For real. And The Stand is the sanctuary for this honored distinction. Take a trip to Westwood Village — and enjoy the finest food in town!

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