Unanswered Questions In The Attack On Lara Logan

A group of women rescued her with the help of the Egyptian army? Where was the army while the attack was going on? Who were the 200 men who attacked Lara Logan? The story from CBS News seems inadequate to what happened.

RedState.com reports:

From the beginning the “official” story from CBS smelled like week old fish remains. The story as CBS told it consisted of three primary parts:

1. A “dangerous element of 200″ surrounded Logan and her team.
2. She was separated from her team and brutally assaulted.
3. A “group of women and about 20 Egyptian solders” rescued her.

So we have several eyebrow raising points. A “dangerous element of 200″? What does that mean? Were they wearing Raider hats? In what way were the “dangerous 200″ different from the other thousands in the crowd? If only 200 bad people were there they would have been outnumbered by something like 99.9 to 00.1 so how did the attack continue for 20 to 30 minutes?

A “group of women” rescued her? How did that happen? A “group” suggests fairly small numbers. If a regiment of 300 women suddenly burst on the scene I don’t think anyone would refer to them as a “group of women”. What is a group? 10? 20? 50? How could even 50 women “rescue” a woman from 200 “dangerous” men intent on a sexual attack?

If in fact it was the Egyptian army that rescued her, why was the “group” of women mentioned? Its almost as if CBS wanted to evoke a scene where some bad boys picked on a girl and the women present came to her rescue and consoled her. Sounds a bit like a scene out of Dr. Quinn or Little House on the Prairie doesn’t it? Sort of like things just temporarily got out of hand but nothing really BAD was happening outside of this one little regrettable incident. After all how bad could it have been if a “group of women” could effect a rescue? CBS certainly mentioned nothing at all about a bunch of radical Islamic sexual predators shouting “Jew Jew” as they circled a lone woman for the attack.

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