Lara Logan Must Watch Out For Copycat Attacks

Daniel Bates writes for the Mail Online:

The sex assault on Lara Logan could ‘turn her into a target’ for future attacks, her former boss warned today.

Janet Leissner, who ran the CBS Washington bureau for eight years until 2009, told MailOnline that the foreign correspondent was at risk of copycat attacks now that she is ‘very well known’.

She also urged Miss Logan to ‘take a strong measure of herself’ before going back to war reporting and to consider the welfare of her two young children, her husband and her ‘responsibilities as a mother’.

Ms Leissner revealed that Miss Logan had once before been ‘roughed up’ in Baghdad and left with broken teeth and a bloodied mouth, but carried on with the job in hand.

…Hints as to how horrific the attack was have slowly started to be revealed as the network say she is nowhere near ready to come back to work after suffering from ‘serious’ internal injuries.

A colleague at CBS revealed to MailOnline: ‘Every day is a struggle right now for Lara. It’s going to be a long time before she gets over this, but we are all here for her.”

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