Wikipedia Assault On Journalist Steven I. Weiss

There’s a Wikipedia user (Kalonymous) who only makes positive changes to Professor Samuel Heilman‘s Wikipedia entry and negative changes to Steven I. Weiss‘s entry.

Kalonymous wrote on Steven I. Weiss‘s Wikipedia entry: “He also runs the blog The Canonist, known for its attacks on intellectuals and other public figures.”

“His [ Canonist] blog is known for its personal attacks on journalists, public intellectuals, and others in the media.”

All of these attacks by Kalonymous come between July 19-30 in 2010 until the user is finally told to knock it off.

Not many people make changes to the Steven I. Weiss Wikipedia entry, so these malicious attempts stand out.

This reminds me of Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein who in 2009 edited my Wikipedia page to try to make me look bad.

Rabbi Rubinstein emailed me in June 2009: “In the interests of truth and journalistic accuracy I shall be editing the wikipedia entry about you when I get back from a break here in the Lake District with two of my children, so that no one reading your blog, (which is I believe the most anti-jewish thing I have ever seen,) will think a Jew is responsible.”

In 2006, Steven I. Weiss wrote a negative review of Samuel Heilman’s book Sliding to the Right. Samuel Heilman responded angrily on Weiss’s blog

The New York Times reports June 14, 2010: “Other critics take the authors to task for not relying more on published material. Steven I. Weiss, the head of news at the Jewish Channel, a cable television network, criticized the book for presenting what he called lurid details and ignoring a vast amount of “primary material which would frequently contradict its assertions.” He also chastised the authors for not noting outright that Mr. Friedman served as an expert witness against the rebbe during a lawsuit in the 1980s over ownership of the Chabad library. Mr. Heilman said, “We have no ax to grind.””

After this New York Times article, the assault on Steven I. Weiss’s Wikipedia entry was launched by Kalonymous.

On July 27, 2010, Kalonymous removes a Wikipedia citation in an article on Agudas Chassidei Chabad to a 2006 Steven I. Weiss article.

I’ve sent off an email to Samuel Heilman inquiring about this.

He replies: “I believe a person cannot make entries in his own wikipedia listing. So no. As for Steven Weiss, I have no real knowledge of the fellow. I do know he was a blogger who had a negative opinion of me.”

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