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Rabbis Address Brain Death Issues
Those killer website comments
Yeshiva fair is a bastion for Jewish books of the printed variety
Interior Ministry gets tough on int’l Orthodox conversions
Army Geirus – Psak of Rav Amar with comments by Rav Ovadiah Yosef
70 rabbis protest arrest warrant against Rabbi Dov Lior
SALT Friday
Liberal Denominations Face Crisis as Rabbis Rebel, Numbers Shrink
Out of Egypt
Politically-connected supermarket sparks $2M food fight
The Gentle Synergy of Believers
Jews take 5 of top 6 spots in annual list of top US givers
Chief Rabbi calls for tax support to married couples
SALT Thursday
Verapo Yerape – Journal of Torah & Medicine from Albert Einstein College of Medicine Vol 1
Veteran newspaperman Seth Lipsky reminisces on his career
After cancer, biblical scholar James Kugel considers religious belief
Hebrew charter proposed for Harlem-Upper West Side
Hebrew immersion at Bergen County charter school
A rabbi gets a helping hand
The Old New Jews
Proposal for an international Sanhedrin (to be called the Elders of Zion?)
Haredi ads: Internet causes cancer
Knesset convenes for first-ever Jewish Identity Day
Gay Orthodox Shabbaton was like ‘Heaven’
SALT Wednesday
R. Avi Shafran on Jewish peoplehood
Draft Strategic Plan for the New USCJ (PDF)
Rabbis debate moment of death
Rabbis backtracking on support for N.J. charter school
Rabbi Dov Lior agrees to be investigated at his home
Online Courses, Still Lacking That Third Dimension
Ohio atheists attend church for social reasons
SALT Tuesday
Close encounters of the fabricated kind
Lakewood, N.J.’s fastest-growing town, is defined by its diversity
Rabbis oppose Jewish “Taliban Women”
US Conservatives respond to dwindling numbers
Jews Restore Synagogues as Syria Burnishes Image

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