When The Boyfriend Comes First

Tamara Shayne Kagel writes:

When you’re single, your relationships with your friends and family become more important. Everyone likes to think that when they are in a relationship they will be the same good friend they were before and they will never compromise their loyalty to their family. But the truth is, if you want to make a romantic relationship work, that relationship has to be the number one relationship in your life. You can still be a good friend or sister or daughter, but there is an unspoken truth that your friends and family will be slightly behind the person you choose to marry. After all, isn’t that what marriage is? A promise to put that person first for the rest of your life?

My sister’s not married but she has created a life with man in another country and is at least on that track. And I’m resentful. I resent that she can’t be my roommate right now. I resent that she is finding herself with him. I resent that she isn’t interested in talking about dating with me. For my whole life, it was my sister and I against the world. And now it’s just not.

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