Brooklyn D.A. Accused of Failing to Indict Cops Who Kill

Corrupt emails:

Eliot Spitzer is not the only one to have pretended to be self righteous and prosecute others, only to be discovered years later to have been no so Kosher himself. forcing him to have to resign recently. Charles Hynes seems to be next. Both, Jews as well as Blacks are accusing Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes of being corrupt. Accusations against him, all say that is corrupt policy of when to prosecute and when not to is based only on his corrupt political considerations.

From the Village Voice:

Ever since a Brooklyn police officer fatally shot her unarmed son in the back nine years ago, Milta Calderon has demonstrated outside the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, even getting arrested once during a sit-in. Calderon, 51, was back at it again on a cold February afternoon for the family of Timothy Stansbury Jr., the unarmed black teen shot dead in January by a startled white police officer on a Brooklyn rooftop.

The teen’s family expected an indictment, but Calderon had a special warning for them about the D.A. "Charles Hynes does not indict cops," she told Stansbury’s dad.

Indeed, at least 10 times in recent years, Brooklyn police officers have faced no criminal charges for fatally shooting young people who were either unarmed or carrying items that cops misperceived as threatening.

Calderon’s own son, 21-year-old Anibal Carrasquillo, died like Stansbury in the darkness of a cold January night. An officer thought the unarmed Carrasquillo had pulled a gun while running away after allegedly peering into parked cars. The officer fired, killing Carrasquillo with a shot to his back. A grand jury cleared the cop.

At a rally outside of Hynes’s office in February, Calderon urged Stansbury’s father to go straight to federal prosecutors. But Timothy Stansbury Sr., 45, believed that the grand jury called by Hynes would bring housing cop Richard Neri to trial for his fatal blunder. After all, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly had quickly said the shooting appeared unjustified. Stansbury, 19, had never had any trouble with the law, and was taking a shortcut with friends across the roof of the Louis Armstrong Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant when they came upon Neri and another officer at a doorway.

As wrong as Stansbury’s shooting looked, Calderon was right. There was no indictment.


In an apparent bid to curry favor with Black voters, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes has decided to persecute Jews in Crown Heights. A recent staring match between a young Jewish man and a young Black man, has been escalated by Hynes office into a major incident requiring an Investigative Grand Jury. This type of action is usually reserved for major crimes of heinous proportions – not a minor fight in which no one suffered any major injury. The details are in the two articles below.

Hynes actions have earned him immediate and severe criticism from all Jewish circles. The clear favoritism towards the Black "victim" of this alleged incident, and Hyne’s trying to turn this into a war on the Crown Heights Shmira, and at the same time failing to pursue dozens of incidents when Jewish victims were injured much more seriously, is outrageous.

It should be noted that in his last re-election in the Democratic primary, Hynes narrowly averted defeat by John Sampson. In a four way election, Mr. Hynes had received 41 percent of the vote and was closely trailed by Sampson, a Black state senator from Brooklyn, who had 37 percent. Mr. Hynes was so startled by this near defeat, that he began his re-election campaign almost immediately after – by launching a fund-raiser in the orthodox Jewish community!

Hynes may not realize that the Black community is unlikely to respond to pandering. They are too sophisticated not to realize that a District Attorney who fails to act according to just standards, is a dangerous gamble for them as well.

Hynes’ Jewish liaison, Henna White, a Lubavitcher whose roots are in Crown Heights, appears unable to stop her boss from self-destruction.

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