Hersh Case: Judge throws out Hersh’s request for bloggers’ identities from Google & Yahoo

Report: This last Friday Michael Hersh was given another bitter dose of reality when the court rejected his request that Google and Yahoo reveal the identities of those who made comments about him on various blogs -including mine. This is additional proof of the absurdity of the $411 million lawsuit of Michael Hersh against those who helped his son. Not only has the court rejected his fishing expedition to find out theidentities of those who made comments about him on blogs, but they have also already rejected the case against most of the defendants and his lawyers have quit for missing a payment of $93k.

When are his advisers at Yeshiva Chaim Berlin going to tell him to stop. He is destroying not only his reputation but that of his family and by association Rav Aaron Schecter, shlita and his yeshiva. How many more hundreds of thousands of dollars are going to be wasted on lawyers in this case before it is stopped.


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