Separate Hatzalah Units For Women & Men

Here’s the pdf.

We wouldn’t want a man touching a woman, now would we?

Joe emails: "It the new sqare hasidic comunity secluded in upstate new york google them their rabbe is rabbi davi twersky shlita they have their own govermnet structure now they devided the hatslah which is emergency ambultet sevice like in all jewish comunitys who have their own he made a seperet orgenazition hatslalh only for women because men arnt aloud to touch or look at women so if the patinat is a women they send a lady trained medic on the scece. This is a very importnet new level of holiness in life that will be copied eventualy to all frum jewish nieberhoods."

According to Wikipedia:

Hatzolah ("rescue" or "relief" in Hebrew: ?????), is a volunteer Emergency Medical Service (EMS) organization functioning in Israel and in many Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in major cities of the United States, as well as in Australia, South Africa, Mexico City, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Russia[1] and the United Kingdom[2] (where it is known as Hatzola).

In the United States, Hatzolah was founded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York by Rabbi Hershel Weber in the late 1960’s and has grown to become the largest all-volunteer ambulance service in the US[3]. The volunteers are trained EMTs or paramedics.

In marked distinction from most US EMS organizations, Hatzolah uses a fly-car system, where assigned members respond to the emergency with their private cars, with one member assigned to pick up the ambulance from the base location. Each Hatzolah volunteer is fully equipped with EMT or paramedic supplies. This system decreases response times dramatically. As an example, New York City EMS’s overall response times, though they vary by the severity of the emergency, averaged 5 minutes and 43 seconds for fiscal year 2007 [4] [5], while Hatzolah of Borough Park’s daytime response time averages under 4 minutes, with overall night-time averages of 7-8 minutes, regardless of the severity of the call.[3] Each Hatzolah neighborhood’s response time varies. Hatzolah of Los Angeles, for example, boasts a 90 second average response time. [6] One unique aspect of this primarily Jewish run ambulance service is that it still operates on shabbat. Having been used almost exclusively by the Jewish population, due to its extremely fast response time, many non Jews have been calling on them when requiring medical assistance.

I got this email:

He says that its better for the ROCHNIYES. Maybe he has a point. But will he let his housewives, mothers of kids, drive cars to save lives?? Does he think a woman can carry s tretcher like a man?? Do they have the energy to give CPR 5 times to somone who needs it after a whole day of cooking and cleaning and changind diapers?? Didnt anybody teach him Chamira Skanta My’isira?? Of all the big tzadikim and roshay yeshivos of all time. now in 2008 this shmuck decided to be holy?? you call up skver hatzulah: adress? what happened? is the unconcious? cross streets? Man or woman?? Oy, youll have to wait five minutes " Any WOMAN available for 1220 jackson street??" one more point, nowadays we have the loyal hatzulah member angles who run out in middle of the seder nacht to save lives, but, as hard as it is, the mother can still watch the kids, serve the food, and life can go on. What happens if the mother needs to run out in middle of the seder???? Holy skvere rebbe, this can win the prize for the most stupid idea of the century

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