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Here’s my email interview with the author of DailyYid.com:

* What can you tell me about yourself?

i am a satamr chusid who is proud of my society and never plans to leave

* What is your first language?


* Have you spent most/all of your life in the United States?

surviving satamr lifestyle, that mneans no formel worldly education, marying young having as many kids, trying to be humbled and good, making a living.

* What loyalty do you feel to the United States government?

tremendous since israel is not my land and my brother and sisters the anti zionists are being perscuted there. america is my homeland untill the godly promise of mushiachs arivall will be fufiled

* What do you think of the Spinka money laundering scandal?

unfountete chilulul hasem but the holy rebbe is in no way diminisehd by it, please understand that our frum comunitiys poor in milions to the taxopayer fund which goes nothing to our school system so there is great reason for this.

* Which part of Judaism do you identify with?

satamar, because its the most perseved unchanged pure form of judasim posible of the faith of my fathers

* Why did you start the website?

i was persanaly deeply hurt by the holy leaders of my society and they used the internet to make my pain harder so i decided to share my pain and perhaps i can be right by answering my innier heart daily and further loving my leaders by forcing them to listen to me and help myself through ventalation prosecess called the blog sphere

* What do you love and hate about jewish life?

i hate it that when i will be caoust bloging my most loved once will cry for me – i love it because as such a close nit comunity they will forgive me for my sins and will except me back as one of their own.

* What do you love and hate about blogging?

the hate i must sometoimes triger of my readers to get across my inner pain the love that no one in my life would spend a second to talk to me and here i have thousends of the peaple i most respect acknoligige my trafic moniter

* Why don’t you blog in English?

i cannot express myself in a second languge if i have to spend so much time on the google spell check

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