Leah Kleim Vs. Satmar Hasidim

Joe emails: "The owner of dailyyid.com web site is a well known Satmar Chassid who is married with children who admitted online to "Knowing Leah Kleim INSIDE OUT and that Leah Kleim knows him INSIDE OUT", where "inside out" is interpreted by some to mean that this married man was having a longtime intimate affair with Leah Kleim who is reputed to have a habit of LURING Satmars into her STING OPERATIONS of strings of spider web affairs so that she can audio record their phone sex which Leah Kleim engages with them, photograph, videotape their sexual escapades and then post it on her Web Site where she is reputed to be a Whistle Blower of Satmar, extramarital sexual indiscretions."

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