The Emperor’s Club LA Connections

From ERSNews:

The Emperor’s Club was the high class escort agency of choice for the former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.  He was eventually caught in a federal investigation of prostitution and money laundering and his political career came crashing down. The FBI and the Government claim the entire operation was a high-end house of prostitution that operated throughout the United States and in Europe.  

ERSNews has been looking into the West Coast operation of the former escort service and found that although the media coverage of the case has centered on the ex-Governor and his hooker of choice “Kristen,” the federal indictment names a long list of woman who operated in Southern California.  The business model was simple and as old as prostitution itself: bring well-healed clients together with women willing to sell sex for a price…a very high price.

ERS has learned that at least five different escorts were based in Los Angeles.  The woman’s aliases ranged from the above mentioned Maya, to Chrissy, Raquel, Felana and Samantha.  The women named by federal authorities may have serviced clients everywhere from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Las Vegas. 

ERSNews has obtained exclusive photos and information regarding one the Emperor’s Club VIP women who offered those services.   At the Emperor’s Club VIP she went by the name Maya. The pictures used to market Maya to the public, ERSNews has learned were taken in conjunction with the making of an adult film produced in Los Angeles. The film itself is widely available. Maya is one of the stars. Maya, ERS has learned, is an experienced porn film actress with many credits.  The photos themselves, only some of which exclusively accompany this story, were clearly taken of the same women at the same location, at the same time.


The woman seen in the pictures above was on the Emperor’s Club website when it was in operation before federal authorities shut the it down and indicted the operators.  The photos used to market Maya to Emperor’s Club clients have been traced by and have led us to a woman who goes by many names, but is known in Los Angeles by the name Isa Frederick of Beverly Hills.  The woman, who operated as an escort with many other operations, gave her clients a taste of the kind of services she provided for the right price.  ERSNews had obtained this web based autobiography of Maya:

I am only interested in serious upscale generous gentlemen. I am as intelligent as i am beautiful. I love what i do and i am very good at it.

I would love to be your companion for the night and more. I love to make men want me. You will be throling for me before the night is through.

And I understand that, sometimes, once is just not enough.

Do you want to be seduced and ravished after a night in town showing me off? I specializing in giving you those ultimate pleasures and fantasies that you would never dreamed. I have some girlfriends that could also join us if you’d’ like.

I like to think of myself as a medicine for the upscale gentlemen. But, I have to warn you, I am very addicting. I am soft, sexy and

love to make you yearn for me, then help you release all your frustrations.

Call me for a prescription!


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