Yisroel Pensack: Rep. Giffords’ Medical Progress Called a ‘Miracle’

It’s not often that The New York Times reports on “miracles”:

TUCSON — …Representative Gabrielle Giffords continued Friday to make significant medical progress, her doctors said…

Last Saturday, Ms. Giffords, an Arizona Democrat, was meeting with constituents in a Tucson parking lot when a gunman opened fire, killing 6 people and wounding 14, including Ms. Giffords [who was shot in the head]…Authorities believe Ms. Giffords was the [main] target of the attack…

In response to a reporter’s question Thursday about whether Ms. Giffords’s recovery might be considered miraculous, Dr. Lemole [G. Michael Lemole Jr., chief of neurosurgery at University Medical Center here] said: “Miracles happen every day, and in medicine, we like to attribute them to what we do or what others do around us. A lot of medicine is outside our control. We are wise to acknowledge miracles.”

Torah Jews say in thrice-daily prayers: “We thank You [God]…for our lives which are in Your charge, for our souls which are in Your care, for Your miracles which are daily with us, and for Your continual wonders and favors — evening, morning and noon.”

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