Was Jew-Hatred A Factor In The Tucson Shooting?

A friend, YL, asks: “Luke, from your insider/outsider perspective and somewhat conservative perspective, do you see anti-semitism as an important factor in the AZ shooting?”

I am not sure. The shooter was into Hitler. And Orwell and Marx.

The shooter looks like a nut job. But why do so many nut jobs kill Jews?

The New York Times says: “But the rambling, disconnected writings and videos he has left on the Web are consistent with the delusions produced by a psychotic illness like schizophrenia, which develops most often in the teens or 20s.”

YL says: “I think we are in a strange intersection of individual psychosis and an inflamed milieu that can disclaim direct responsibility. In many ways the question is one of better charting the milieu, especially as it exists locally. Ie., what is being said at local gatherings and in living rooms.”

I don’t know of any discourse in the Republican and Democratic parties or the MSM that led to this shooting.

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