How Does A Kosher Restaurant Deal With Employees Who Want To Eat Non-Kosher?

Most employees at kosher restaurants in America are not Jewish. Most of them are immigrants from Mexico, most of them probably here illegally, and most of them like to eat pork products.

So what does a kosher restaurant do when many of its employees want to eat ham for lunch?

Well, it varies from restaurant to restaurant. At a place like the Bagel Factory on Robertson Blvd, there is a separate dining room for the help. They have their own microwave. They have separate garbage pails. The room is not near the front. It is not near the baking area. It is not near the production area. It is on the opposite side of the building. And they can eat whatever they want.

Once a person goes in there, they have to wash their hands with soap, just like when they go to the bathroom, before they can go back to work.

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