This Jewish Girl Loves Christmas

Tamara Shayne Kagel blogs:

It’s the one day of the year my family always spends together where there are zero expectations.

We go to the movies. Where we don’t have to pray.

Nobody’s nagging me to just try the liver or just taste the kishka.

I don’t have to help out in the kitchen. We eat out. I have never seen my mom so calm.

There’s no traffic. I can get to my parents house in under twenty minutes. I didn’t realize there were so many Christians in LA.

We don’t entertain at our house. We are always shocked to run into all our Jewish friends at the Arclight. We can only visit with our family friends for about five minutes before the movie starts.

We ask each other where everyone’s going for Chinese. We don’t talk about how many Jews died or were enslaved or were brutalized or starved.

We don’t have to dress up. Jeans are totally acceptable and I don’t have to wear skirts long enough for Temple.

I don’t feel profane for getting wasted. I don’t have to pretend to enjoy kosher wine. People believe me when I tell them shots of chilled Grey Goose are Christmassy.

We didn’t spend last week at the mall. We feel God has truly blessed us.

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