Republican Jews Growing

Brad A. Greenberg writes:

For years, no respectable Jew would admit to being a Republican, even if they would vote for Ike or the Gipper. Today, this is no longer the case. The ranks of Republican Jews are swelling, something I discovered last summer and again this winter.

Why is this? Well, first let’s return to the e-mail from Jewish philanthropist Daphna Ziman that accuses the Rev. Eric Lee, a leader in Los Angeles’ black community, of espousing virulently anti-Semitic views. (Lee has denied her account and today apologized for any "misunderstandings.")

In forwarding this e-mail along, which has happened countless times now, Larry Greenfield, California director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, added this commentary:

"Daphna and Dick Ziman are friends of mine, and very partisan Dems and friends of Hillary.

They are respected citizens and honorable people.

If they are souring on Obamamania, this could be a good sign that realism is creeping into Jewish liberal minds. Anti Americanism, Anti Zionism, Anti Semitism mark todays left. THE POINT IS THE LEFT HAS TAKEN OVER THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. LETS ASK JOE LIEBERMAN."

The problem with that argument is that the Zimans aren’t just "friends" but are major supporters of Hillary Clinton, and Daphna previously questioned whether Obama is a safe vote for Israel.

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