Even Tamara Feels Jealousy

Tamara is a 20-something third year law student. She writes a dating blog for the Jewish Journal called Tattletales.

Watch our complete interview.

Luke: “You haven’t asked any of your boyfriend to cut off contact with their exes?”

Tamara: “No. I’ve definitely commented on how ugly and fat they were.”

Luke: “How prone are you to violent fits of jealousy?”

Tamara: “It used to be that I didn’t think I was ever jealous. And then I got cheated on. We tried to stay together after that and that made me really jealous.”

Luke: “Why did you try to stay together after that?”

Tamara: “To try to see how much I could hurt him. We were only together for two months together afterward and I tried to do every evil thing a girlfriend could do.”

Luke: “You slept with his best friend?”

Tamara: “Things like that but not necessarily that. Threatening things. Writing things. Afterward, you think of all these things you should’ve done.”

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