How Tamara Shayne Kagel Got Her Start At The Jewish Journal

Tamara is a 20-something third year law student. She writes a dating blog for the Jewish Journal called Tattletales.

Watch our complete interview.

By Tamara Shayne Kagel:

To my mother, I’m sorry I entered you into the Real Housewives of Calabasas auditions,

To my father, I’m sorry I still have your credit card,

To my sister, I’m sorry I always forget you’re not exactly like me,

To my manicurist, I’m sorry I said China – I meant Vietnam,

To the gentleman callers I didn’t call back, I’m sorry I gave you my real number,

To my editor, I’m sorry I use the term “deadline” loosely,

To my professors, I’m sorry I just voice my opinion out loud whenever I feel like,

To my housekeeper, I’m sorry I laughed at the Telenovela (I thought cat fights are always comedies),

To the servers whose restaurants I’ve patronized, I’m sorry I can never seem to order off the menu,

To my grandmother, I’m sorry you always think they’re not good enough,

To the non-Jews, I’m sorry we call ourselves the chosen people (I think it’s weird too),

To the yogis I take class with, I’m sorry I communicate that you should move over with a gentle whack,

To my roommate, I’m sorry I insist on playing NPR 24 hours a day,

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