Gays To Serve Openly In The U.S. Military

When I logged on to the internet Saturday night, I saw that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” had been repealed by the U.S. Senate.

There was all sorts of weepy coverage about it in the New York Times:

By a vote of 65 to 31, with eight Republicans joining Democrats, the Senate approved and sent to President Obama a repeal of the Clinton-era law, known as “don’t ask, don’t tell,” a policy critics said amounted to government-sanctioned discrimination that treated gay, lesbian and bisexual troops as second-class citizens.

Mr. Obama hailed the action, which fulfills his pledge to reverse the ban, and said it was “time to close this chapter in our history.”

“As commander in chief, I am also absolutely convinced that making this change will only underscore the professionalism of our troops as the best-led and best-trained fighting force the world has ever known,” he said…

I want to know which workplaces have been rendered more efficient and more professional by people talking openly about their sexual preferences?

Which profession becomes more accomplished by its members defining themselves by the type of people they prefer to have sex with?

Announcing to strangers “I’m gay” makes as much sense to me as announcing to strangers, “I can only get off when I wear the opposite sex’s clothing” and the like. I don’t need to know what gets you off unless you’re my spouse.

If I were in a foxhole with a bloke, I wouldn’t want to hear him talking about what type of sex partner he preferred and how much he wanted to cornhole his commanding officer and the like.

I’ve been watching The Pacific (about WWII) and listening to Philip Roth’s latest novel, Nemesis. It was a better time, in some ways, because people did not go around talking to strangers about the type of sexual partners they preferred.

Speaking of stomach turning, the New York Times reports on the defeat of the DREAM act: “The vote by the Senate on Saturday to block a bill to grant legal status to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant students was a painful setback to an emerging movement of immigrants and also appeared to leave the immigration policy of the Obama administration, which has supported the bill and the movement, in disarray.”

Most immigrants who come to the United States legally do not want to see more illegal immigration to the United States nor do they want to see illegal immigrants rewarded.

The Los Angeles Times reports: “Five Democrats join the GOP in blocking a path to citizenship for some children of illegal immigrants.”

What do you mean “blocking”? Opponents are not throwing up any new blocks to illegal immigrants. The blocks are already in place. The blocks are also known as the rule of law, something that illegal immigrants, by definition, flout and want exception from.

On another topic, the Los Angeles Times writes about women’s college basketball: “The Huskies women will reach 88 consecutive wins if they beat Ohio State today, tying UCLA’s long revered record set in 1974 by John Wooden’s Bruins.”

This is ludicrous. The best women’s college basketball team in the world would lose to a good boys high school team.

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