Dream Act Bill for Illegal Immigrant Students Fails on Senate Vote, 55-41

Stephen Steinlight emails: History will likely record this victory over the “DREAM ACT” as the high watermark of the pro-amnesty, pro-exponentially increased immigration/open borders alliance. When the new Congress convenes in January, the bugle will sound and our side will go on the offensive for the first time in a decade. Imagine what it will be like to fight without a bottomless chasm a foot behind us.

For those with mixed feelings about the young people concerned, remember the anomalous situation of some who would have been legalized under the misnamed Dream Act should and will be resolved at the end of the process of fixing our broken system. Supporters of the plot to undue America through massive illegal and low-skill immigration were cynically exploiting them as a stalking horse for “comprehensive immigration reform.” When we’ve completed the destruction of that legislative monster we’ll find a find a just solution to their situation.

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