Do You Want To Know The Identity Of The Anti-Christ?

Wanting to make some money, I’ve been browsing’s array of information products to sell. I checked out “Politics & Current Events” and the following are the best selling items (most popular first):

* Do your customers want the truth on 2012, the Antichrist and his identity based on recent discoveries on the covert plans of the illuminati who are master minding his coming? Click Here!

* A complete guide to winning elections – 5 ebooks and sample documents, including a 178 page elections guide that shows Everything you need to know to win your next election! Click Here!

* How to Survive the Coming Food Crisis. Click Here!

* What Can I Do? After the Tea Party. Protests and rallies are not enough. A book is offered which guides those who fear an erosion of freedom. After the Tea Party, the question remains, “What Can I Do?” Take steps now to make Congress listen to You! Click Here!

I see a strong post-apocalyptic trend ala the movies The Road and The Book of Eli. It reminds me of the dark days of 1980 and 1981 when there was a lot of talk at my evangelical Christian high school of Forest Lake about how to survive a nuclear war.

Here are the best selling products in the category of Fiction:

* 101 intriguing and funny Quotes and Conversations from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Click Here!

* Sales Lies and Naked Truths: This ain’t your Daddy’s sales manual. It bears little resemblance to Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich or the other extreme, Donald Trumps Book, Think Big and Kick ..This is geared toward you. The sales game has changed. Click Here!

* Atomsk and an ebook on sustainability: A World War Ii era spy novel by San Francisco writer Cordwainer Smith and reflections on sustainability by Kelly Hart. Click Here!

* Murder By Proxy: Write your mystery novel the Ezy-Links way -a complete resource for mystery writers with all the information and resources you need right at your fingertips. Click Here!

And now for the glamorous arts and entertainment genre:

* SatelliteDirect – Highest Converting Tv to PC Product. Quality movies, instantly. Full movie downloads. Unlimited movie viewing. Lifetime ownership. For one low membership fee. What are you waiting for? Stop sacrificing your time, energy, and your love of movies by using a low caliber movie download site. Get a membership! Click Here!

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* – Real & Legal Unlimited Movie Downloads! Click Here!

* Stream Online Movies – Top Tv Product. Click Here!

* DUBturbo – Urban Beat Production Software. Click Here!

* Satellite Tv For Pc! +++ Internet Stream Direct Software Tv Click Here!

* Number 1 selling Guitar Course in CB! Click Here!

* Rocket Piano – Learn Piano Today! Click Here!

* iTv Pro – New Online Tv Software Click Here!

* Singorama – Essential Guide To Singing Click Here!

* Guitar Super Stars Click Here!

* Instantly Slow Down Any Guitar solos or Riffs While Still Retaining The Original Pitch. Click Here!

* Music Marketing Manifesto Click Here!

* Concentrated Violin Lessons Click Here!

* The Revelation Effect – Mentalism and Mind Reading:
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* Learn Digital Photography Now
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* Digital Photography Success! Click Here!

* Photography Posing Secrets.
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* Ballet Bible Dancing Instruction: Click Here!

* The Pure Pitch Method – Perfect Pitch Ear Training
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* Celebrity Dance Coaching With Louis van Amstel – Emmy Nominated Choreographer from the Hit Tv show Dancing With The Stars! Click Here!

* Karaoke software! Click Here!

Hmm. It seems that promoting the written word is not the best way to make money.

Here are the best selling products on Clickbank for business and investing:

* The Lotto Black Book: This is a radical approach to an online sales letter. Click Here!

* How to hack the stock market. Click Here!

* Forex Morning Trade system. Click Here!

* Secrets of Successful Traders Click Here!

* Penny Stock Prophet: Click Here!

* Auto affiliate income: Click Here!

* Forex BulletProof- Join the Revolution! Click Here!

* RichJanitor is The money-making program of 2010! Click Here!

* The Instant Money Maker! Click Here!

* Penny Stocks Psychic! Click Here!

* The Forex Signals! Click Here!

* 1k Commission System! Click Here!

* Top trader Vladimir Ribakov’s strategy for extracting profits from the Forex market, with a push of a button. Click Here!

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