How Does A Man Become Admirable?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager noted: “There are women who are afflicted with the need to tear down whoever is in their lives, including a good man.”

Damn, I’ve dated a few of those!

Dennis: “A man needs strength and integrity to get his woman’s admiration.”

“A hard-working man is admirable. That’s why many women complain, he spends all day watching sports. That’s why it bothers a woman. It is very unsexy for a man to just sit on the couch. Whether it is hard-working fixing the house or hard-working at the office.”

“Just as a man will complain about a woman who has let herself go, so too women will complain about a man who has let go of his ambition.”

“The news from Russia is so despairing that I don’t report it much to you. There is only darkness to report.”

“My graduate work was done in Soviet studies. I read Pravda almost every day. There was an interesting debate at the time and I may have been wrong.

“The debate was — was the Soviet Union a continuation of Russian civilization or was it a communist abrupt change of course? I argued that it was overwhelmingly an abrupt change of course brought about by the communists. When I see Russia today once again moving towards dictatorship, where journalists are murdered if they report things that disturb the government, when you see what is controlled by Putin’s party United Russia, which effectively controls regional governments, prosecutors’ offices, courts, police departments, and election commissions. They control the media.

“There were those who said that the Soviet Union, Stalin, Lenin, these were not aberrations thrust upon a Russian civilization but rather a continuum, obviously worse than anything that preceded it.

“I said no. This was just communism shoved into the face of the Russian people and I may have been wrong. The love of liberty does not appear to beat strongly in the Russian soul.”

“So too the question about China. Was Chinese communism and Mao part of the continuum from Confucianism. Under Confucianism, law and order and the state, the state is essentially a god under Confucianism… What Confucianism feared most was chaos. We want order and if that involves the suppression of the individual, so be it.”

Referring to Hugo Chavez: “Any leader who interrupts a speech to sing is by definition a dictator. No democrat has ever interrupted a public speech to sing.”


Wednesday, December 15, 2010 Radio Show
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010 Radio Show
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010 Radio Show
H3: The Land of Opportunity
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