My Three Favorite Jewish Blogs

Here’s what I read in order of frequency checked:

* It’s not so much the conventional news stories it places at the top of the site. It is its listings of updated blogs midway down the front page on the right that I look for. The three Jewish Journal blogs I read the most are the God blog, Morethodoxy and Tattletales.

* FrumSatire. Fresh, funny. Filled with insights. Heshy Fried is a brave young man who keeps bringing it every week.

* TorahMusings. A sober look at Jewish life from an Orthodox perspective:

Faustian Bargains: Jews and Germany
Chief Rabbi Sacks to retire in 2013
Frum atheists
Bronfman: Opening our tent to intermarried
R. Amital: Religious Life During the Holocaust and After
Killing the Killers
Rabbis behind ruling seek compromise with Netanyahu
Tapping into haredi ad market
SALT Tuesday
Messianic Jews return to Judaism
Georgie Wigs speaks out about The People’s Court fiasco
At kosher chefs’ cook-off, forget foie gras
Tefillin cause bomb scare on New Zealand ferry
Christopher Hitchens’s Jewish Problem
R. Haskel Lookstein and R. Yehuda Gilad on Renting/Selling to Gentiles
Reviving a ritual of tending to the dead
Ovadia Yosef refused to sign no-rent letter
SALT Monday
Last week’s news & links

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