Orthodox Couple Sues For Sheitel Damage

Frum couple sues on people court for shaitel damage, Total Chillul Hashem? You be the judge.

In a daytime TV show called The Peoples Court a Jewish couple, identified only as Heidi and Mendi, appeared before Judge Marilyn Milian in a case where they claimed a laundry and dry cleaning service washed Heidi’s $3000 wig in the wash and ruined it. But it is the cases finale that is troubling, and embarrassing.

The episode aired on national TV last week, on Thursday December 2nd 2010, and was recorded on November 6th 2010.

John says: I think the interesting part is the way the commenters are going nuts on the frum blog sites. Numbers exceeding rubashkin or madoff.

Greg Leake emails: Hi Luke,

I just enjoyed your amusing YouTube of the People’s Court. I’m hoping that you are someone who will give me some sense of how this couple will be received when they show up at their shul.

I heard another amusing comment the other day on Michael Medved’s show. I thought that surely this comment must be of the most cutting sort for one Jew to make about another.

The discussion centered around Rabbi Michael Lerner and Tikkun magazine. Medved said (I won’t put it in quotes, as I might be slightly off): Michael Lerner is the kind of rabbi who gives anti-Semitism a good name.


Incidentally, I’ve read some of your positive statements about the Alexander Technique. Oddly enough, one of the things that has been of greatest assistance to me in the area of social integration was learning to box. Naturally I would not recommend it to everyone, but I must confess that boxing has done more to enhance my feeling of self-sufficiency and social ease than any of the other several things that may have contributed.

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