Young Israel Of North Beverly Hills Can’t Find A Rabbi

Per member, it is probably the richest synagogue in Los Angeles, but there are only about 50 member families.

Rabbi Shalom Tendler used to preside.

Rabbi Alan Kalinsky from the Orthodox Union is YINBH’s temporary rabbi.

Nobody can afford to live in the area on less than $200,000 a year.

It would cost YINBH about $6,000 a year per member to get a good rabbi.

Gadi Pickholz writes: “Once again, your facts are completely nonsensical, not simply wrong. YINBH is one the wealthiest congregations in the country, and could have any rabbi it desires well within budget. The pulpit is reserved for David Brafman, now completing his post ordination studies in Israel at YU’s Gruss Kolel. He is Jaime Sohacheski’s son in law, and Jaime pays the bills at YINBH. He is the son of Ben Brafman of Lawrence, Long Island, one of the most famous defense attorneys for the mafioso in New York.”

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