Holocaust Claims Conference


Professor Yitzchak Kerem emails: Noah Flug briefed Knesset Committee for survivors this week. He noted as “punishment” for Russian employee corruption (went on for 16 years with oversight and possible collaboration from Sol Kagan, Edgar Bronfman, Israel Singer, Julius Berman,. Greg Shroeder, and many others including Avraham Biderman, Roman Kent, and others) Claims conference in NY canceled departments for new claims and article one and two. Only will give to commemoration and deal with art, property, etc. A major scandal which needs to be publicized. Now survivors all over the world must go through Israel office which often demands tremendous unnecessary documentation, or skewed office in Frankfurt. Survivors all over the world will be shafted due to past Claims conference corruption and misconduct. Currently looks as if Claims came out well because collaborated with FBI, but they were more active in cover-up than problem solving and transparency.

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