This Week The Botachs Married Off A Daughter At The Century Plaza Hotel

I’m told there were 800 guests for the wedding of the daughter of Shlomo and Dalia Botach. Shlomo is Yoav’s brother.  The daughter is Shmuley Boteach’s cousin.

How do they afford it? The Botachs own much of downtown Los Angeles. They live under the radar in the modest Pico-Robertson neighborhood. They send their kids to Hillel and YULA and get scholarships because of their large families. No one dreams of the vast amounts of money this family accumulated. Yoav (Shmuley Boteach’s father) is the largest owner of warehouses in California. Rumored to be Israelis, their roots are Iranian.

Last year the tribe married off another young one at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. They placed an announcement in the Beverly Hills Courier. The Botach tend to marry off their offspring to Jewish-Americans Ashkenazi professionals.

Rabbi Avrohom Union was the Botach’s downstairs neighbor in the duplex while he was rabbi of Young Israel of Beverly Hills (Pico and Shenandoah) and got a dead sheep head left on his doorstep as he was preparing to issue a letter condemning the Kabbalah Centre. He never sent the letter.

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