The Ronni Chasen Murder

The NJG: hi luke, you no longer do gossip anymore?
The NJG: just wondering bc of the Ronni Chasen thing
The NJG: thought YOU would be all over it
The NJG: people at datalounge speculated that it might be related to Scientology as implausible as that sounds
The NJG: then the Wrap (?) possibly or maybe just Datalounge said it was some kind of gang initiation thing
The NJG: and I think it might have been the Wrap that said that she’d been threatened for about 6 mos, or maybe I read that on DL
The NJG: at any rate it’s really disturbing
The NJG: bc that is NOT a bad area, it’s a great area
The NJG: other speculation on DL is that it could be like the pr woman/RE woman in NYC who was murdered by her assistant

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