Yeshivish Lingo

Eva writes:

Here are a few terms which many people never even heard before. As yeshivish people we have labels for absolutely everyone. It’s the only way to know about a person’s over-all personality and hashkafah. If you say it’s just useless and hurtful gossip, take comfort in the fact that when these terms are used they do not come from a mean place in the heart- it’s all good-natured jibes.

Franky: Origin= Frank means French in Yiddish. Term used to describe Sephardic boys who are very into their clothing, talk on the phone all day, and think they’re cool.

Chenyuk: Origin= Omnomopotea is at work here, it simply sounds like what it means. Term used to describe people who are very frum and nerdy- especially’ girls who dress in an extremely tzniusdik way.

Greasy: Origin= greasy hair- people who don’t shower. Term used to describe boys who are more frum than yeshivish and who grow beards and have long payos.

Harry: Origin= The English name Harry connotes a certain type. This term is used to describe people who behave in a very ba’al teshuvish manner, i.e. are very sensitive about religious matters which FFB’s simply don’t care about.

Totzuch: Omnomopotea is at work here again. Term used to describe boys and men who have three cell phones and a chain with fifty keys hanging from their belt. These are the people who love getting involved in everything and making a lot of noise. Hatzolah is known to be full of totzuchs.

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