Who Is The Chief Rabbi Of Los Angeles?

I was told today that it was Rabbi David Rue of the Los Angeles Beit Din. He has a long white beard and a knitted yarmulke and sandals like Jesus. He looks like a West Bank settler but without the big gun.

Rabbi Rue is as good a choice as any for Chief Rabbi.

He’s not political like the other rabbis. He just tells it straight.

I’ll never forget the time he rose to speak at a 1997 (?) MCLE seminar. He was following Rabbi Abner Weiss who had opened the heavens with his oratory.

Rabbi Rue proceeded to rip up the RCC (Rabbinical Council of California) and other rabbis in Los Angeles. He said they didn’t know much Torah. That they were ignorant and corrupt.

Rabbi Rue held nothing back.

There were about 50 lawyers there and only one bloke wore a yarmulke.

Rabbi Rue runs the original Straight Talk Express.

Pico Joe emails: "Abner Weiss is LA’s Chief Rabbi. He’s the most independent and broad-minded rabbi in the city."

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