The Orthodox Response To Abuse Allegations In Los Angeles

Joe emails:

I got curious about Aleinu in LA because Debbie Fox is becoming an important figure for the Ultra-Orthodox response to sex abuse. I spent a lot of time on your blog looking up the rabbis on her halakhic advisory board. Most of them are black hat. Why, with so many modern orthodox in Los Angeles, not one YU graduate on their committee?

Are YU rabbis that rare in LA? Are other halachic committees that are supposed to span the orthodox community in Los Angeles so skewed?

Debbie says she can convene a bet din for abuse allegations within an hour of calling. But why the hell have a bet din. There is plenty of halachic grounds for proceeding to protective services reporting and police reporting without that.

“Debbie has written a great protocol for yeshiva policy in this area and she says it is implemented in every single ortho school in LA.”

Do you know if that in fact is the reality on the ground? Also, are schools really implementing these protocols?

There should be a story there. True success would be major. But if there are shenanigans, then it is very relevant because Debbie will be speaking at the Nefesh conference for orthodox mental health professionals together with the folks from Ohel who are the largest player on mental health services regarding sex abuse to the ortho community in Brooklyn. The event happens at the end of Dec.

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