Braving The Ghetto Wendy’s

> Student editor regrets “ghetto Wendy’s” remark
> Read her apology || “Outraged” student’s letter

Report: Bomgardner’s editorial centered around a universally feminist request: She wants to be able to get her Number 11 with honey barbecue from the “ghetto Wendy’s” without being stared at, OK?

At said “ghetto Wendy’s,” Bomgardner encountered a female drive-thru employee with “terrible grammar” and a “strong accent” who “stuttered through her gold rack of teeth” while taking Bomgardner’s order. Lucky for UNews readers, Bomgardner is the paper’s culture editor (!), so she was able to translate the employee’s speech phonetically: “‘Scuse me, ma’yam, wood ya poo’ fowud, dey makin’ it fresh.”

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