Magic Carpet Out Of Business

It’s a kosher Yemenite restaurant on Pico Blvd. I had readers who gave me a combined $1200 tab there. I’ve eaten there about 50 times. I’ve had a ton of dates there. Sometimes they led to great things.

My favorite dish was the melawach (though it was heavy and would sit in your stomach for about eight hours).

The place always seems to be busy but it has closed. Its last night was March 23. The owner is retiring.

Two other kosher restaurants went out of business in Los Angeles in the past two months — Prime Grill and Mamash.

What’s the story with bbc cafe in malibu?  My friend dialed the phone number yesterday and it said it was disconnected.  Are they out of business?  Also, what happened to a place called Greta’s?  Do they still exist?

Around America, synagogues are cutting back on discretionary spending and there’s far less demand for scholars in residence etc.

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