Simon Wiesenthal Center: ‘Fails to meet industry standards and performs well below most charities in its Cause’

The Charity Navigator gives it just one star out of four, well below the National Council of La Raza.

Jay writes: “Just add the daughters-in-law salaries (under their maiden names) who are paid as: specialist. Specialist with no credentials… Do they ever show up at work. Raising Heir’s grandchildren is special enough for both? p.s. One of Heir’s son is a high school (YULA) dropout. Guess which one: The one who is paid $200,000 yearly or the one who collects $180,000? So what is so impressive? They spend 77% of the monies they shnorred? Beside hefty salaries and manipulation? Thanks for the favor. What about ethical accountability? What about some academic work? Enough with profiteering off the Shoah. Can you compare at all, the work of Yad Va’Shem or even the Holocaust Museum in Washington to this clever marketing scheme? What exactly are they contributing to the world, Holocaust movies they bought for pennies and a slick marketing operation in Hollywood? This is NOT a Human Rights organization! Their slogan is and always was: “There is no business like Shoah business.” Go back and checkout their Response magazine and see the lavish special tours to Auschwitz checkout the special guests wearing fancy fur coats and you will understand where the problem started.”

I have made plenty of use of the Simon Wiesenthal Center over the years and have always found its programs topnotch. I’ve been particularly impressed by the work of Rabbi Ari Hier. I do not know his brother.

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