Obama Is Toast

Joe emails: Obama is misfiring on several cylinders, but only one that matters:

First, he has lost his ability to cut losses among white males. His ability to maintain a merely significant disadvantage is gone. But, white males are big in midterms, but not huge.

Second, the black, youth, and misfit types (militant gays, feminists, arborists, druids) were there in 2008, but have disappeared, They gave him the landslide in 2008 and made states like North Carolina flip, but losing them is no big deal, they do not vote that much.

Third, and this is really it, he is losing white women (and even some other minority women, but only whites matter here). This is the meat of the high propensity voters. These are the working moms, the soccer moms, the working in porno moms, you get it the moms. Moms vote allot. They gravitated to Obama because the economy sucked and he promised changed. Now the economy still sucks, and all he promises is that it will stop getting worse. Well, moms want change and he is out on his ear.

75 house seats, a record. fully 10 seats in the senate with control and a Lieberman switch, and all governorships up for grabs in the polls. California will return brown to Sacramento and the uhauls of white people leaving will fill up the 10 east for another 4 years.

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