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On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says: “I remember when I was a kid, a left-wing magazine had a headline – ‘250 Psychiatrists Declare Barry Goldwater Mentally Ill’.

“I remember thinking, isn’t that an abuse? How do these psychiatrists know his mental state? Has he been a patient of theirs?”

“I’ve never written G-d in my life. I even wrote an essay against it in a big Jewish magazine. I think it is utterly irrational. God’s name isn’t God. It’s Jehovah.

“It’s another one of these added stringencies that I don’t support.

“Some terrific websites publish my column and spell it as G-d.”

Dennis said he wouldn’t spend his hard-earned money to get his kid the best defense if he knew his kid was a mass-murderer.

From Dennis

Friday, October 22, 2010 Radio Show
H1: National Left Radio
Prager H1: The masquerade, if there ever was one, about NPR being an objective news source is over. With the Juan Williams firing, they’ve finally and fully exposed themselves… George Soros has just given $1.8M to NPR for a bunch of new reporters. He only gives to Leftist organizations… The public service union is now the biggest spender in this election. They are drawing on a special fund to save Democrats.

Friday, October 22, 2010 Radio Show
H2: Happiness Hour: Good and Plenty
Prager H2: Most of what we want is not good for us – cheesecake, potato chips, TV, sleeping in, and other dozen other things we can all think of. But if we give in to our “wants” we will make ourselves unhappy. Personal discipline, as difficult as it can be, brings us more happiness than yielding to most temptations.

Friday, October 22, 2010 Radio Show
H3: Open Lines
Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: is there really an afterlife; how do you teach a child not to have an inflated opinion of himself; can you reject the American Trinity and still be an American; is Left obsession with equality based on a false premise; should a parent let her young child where clothes with the peace sign on them.

Who’s Spending More Money than Any Other Group on in this Election?

Who’s the biggest spender in this election? Care to guess? Clue: No one has a bigger stake in who runs the government than they do.

Soros, NPR, and $1.8M

Not that you needed any more smoking guns, but does George Soros giving $1.8 to NPR for new reporters convince you that NPR is a Leftist organization. Soros certainly thinks it is or he wouldn’t give the money.

Nan Hayworth: Mother, Doctor, Businesswoman, and now Republican Candidate, New York

Dennis talks to another great Republican candidate, Nan Hayworth, running for Congress in the 19th district of New York. A doctor (opthamologist), mother and businesswoman, she knows why Big Government is the problem, not the solution. She’s in a race where every dollar and every vote will count. This one will go down to the wire. Here’s an article about her recent debate. You can help her here.

Dennis Prager emails:

My Dear Listener:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for responding to my invitation to “sign up” with what I call the Prager Rational Guard (aka “Dennis’s Menaces”).

I apologize for not getting back to you much sooner. Aside from not having a staff to handle mail, as you may know, I had two surgeries this past summer to finally solve my sciatica problem (and a third surgery on a finger that had developed a staph infection!). I was in quite a bit of pain for the first six months of 2010, and while I somehow did the radio show, wrote my weekly column, and travelled to all my lectures (while being wheeled through airports), I could not do much more than that.

As you presumably know, I regard the upcoming election not merely as an important election but as a referendum on America’s future.

I think that the most important action you can take in the coming days is to support any of the Republican candidates for Governor, the Senate, and House listed below. This list is by no means comprehensive, but it includes men and women who are committed to making our government smaller and, as a result, our country stronger.

By clicking on the links below (hold down the Control key and then left click buttons) you can make donations and support these candidates in a variety of ways. No contribution of money or time is too small. Even a $5 or $10 contribution to a candidate (or to several candidates) matters. Those small amounts multiplied by large numbers of contributors will make an impact. But please do act now as the election is less than two weeks away. Thank you for getting involved in these critical races.


Sharron Angle (NV)

Ken Buck (CO)

Richard Burr (NC)

Cam Cavasso (HI)

Carly Fiorina (CA)

Jon Kyl (AZ)

Joe Miller (AK)

Pat Toomey

David Vitter (LA)


Michelle Bachman (MN)

Joseph Cao (LA)

Ken Calvert (CA)

Charlie Dent (PA)

Charles Djou (HI)

David Dreier (CA)

Nan Hayworth (NY)

Jim Gerlach (PA)

Leonard Lance (NJ)

Ruth McClung (AZ)

Star Parker (CA)

Erik Paulsen (MN)

Mike Prendergrast (FL)

Dave Reichert (WA)

Jean Schmidt (OH)

Tim Scott (SC)

Dr. Rob Steele (MI)

Lee Terry (NE)

Van Tran (CA)

John Willoughby (HI)

Joe Wilson (SC)

Don Young (AK)


Tom Emmer (MN)

Each of us has a role in trying to reassert the core American values – what I have labeled the American Trinity: E Pluribus Unum, In God We Trust, and Liberty. My role has been to offer clarity and intellectual ammunition in this battle. I think this is very important because ultimately this is a war of ideas. For that reason I have also started Prager University on the Internet ( If you have not visited Prager University, I ask you to do so and to forward the links to the five-minute video courses to as many people as possible. We have even dubbed two courses into Spanish.

I would like to be in touch with you first and foremost to help you get these ideas out both to those who share our values, but who cannot fully articulate them, and to those who do not.

I am attaching five recent columns:

For the Left, Opponents Cannot Have Decent Motives — The Ground Zero Example

Same-Sex Marriage and the Insignificance of Men and Women

Black Murders Eight Whites; Media Blames Whites

God, Liberals, and Liberty

ABC, NPR and PBS Hosts Equate Christian and Muslim Violence

I am asking you:

1. To forward any of these and other of my articles – and Prager University courses — to as many people as possible.

2. To donate time and money to Republican candidates.

3. To join a Prager Listener Group in your area. (In the unlikely event that there isn’t one in your area, please consider starting one.) Meeting fellow listeners is a very positive experience socially as well as politically, and you know the importance I attach to making new friends. In addition, many of these groups are highly creative. For example, some have made their own July Fourth Seders.

4. To go to my website and click on “Winning in November” (on the very top right of the page, to the right of my picture). There is no money involved, solely an attempt by my radio colleagues and myself to gather a million or more signatures to one or more of the pledges.

I am deeply grateful for your responding to my request to join with me in fighting for our country’s core values. Your doing so gives me strength to continue my work.

With warmest wishes,


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