Obama’s Pastor:

Robert J. Avrech writes:

Here’s Barak Obama’s religious adviser, whoops, excuse me, former religious adviser, former pastor, on Israel.

Hey, when did Wright become Barak’s former pastor?

Wow, that was fast.

And where’s Wright?

In Africa.

That’s convenient.

But Barak wasn’t in Church when Wright made these comments. He was never in Church when Wright made any of his hateful rascist, anti-white, anti-American, Jew-hating comments.

In 20-years he was never in Church. As Jay Leno quipped, he must have been in his Mosque.

In fact, the great uniter was present during Wright’s most hateful and bigoted speeches.

I’ll bet he’ll tell us that he wasn’t applauding.


Because he stands for, y’know, change.

Obama said in his speech this morning that some of Wright’s comments were incindiery.

Hellooo, it’s not incindiery. It’s a series of blood libels, one crude lie after another. Cheap race hustling.

It’s also clinically paranoid speech.

But Wright performed Obama’s wedding ceremony to the patriotic Michelle.

Wright baptized Obama’s children.

I’m pretty careful about which synagogue I join. I’m extremely cautious about which Rabbis associate with. If ever I heard any Rabbi deliver a sermon with rhetoric like Wright’s I’d head for the hills, and I’d report him to the FBI for seditious speech. I’d certainly resign my membership and I’d write a letter explaining why. I would not continue to sit in shul week after week—for 20 years.

And I certainly wouldn’t remain in a shul if it honored, oh, let’s say David Duke, the white equivalent of Louis Farrakhan.

I would not sit in a shul where a Rabbi screeched: “No, not G-d bless America, G-d damed America.”

I’d denounce such a Rabbi as a traitor. And anyone who cannot denounce such a man does not deserve to President of the United States. Does not deserve to be in the U. S. Senate. Does not deserve to be the local dog catcher.

There are two Rabbis in my own community who I avoid like the plague, their politics are toxic, politics of appeasement and surrender and I won’t have anything to do with them.

Who you associate with says a great deal about your character.

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