Welcome to the White House: A Metaphor for Budgetary Excess

Curious to know why the federal government is a monetary sinkhole? Well, follow the money! That admonition, which comes from the cinematic depiction of Deep Throat in All the President’s Men, is even more true in our actual lives. In fact, the real hero of Washington, DC, is not a mysterious figure who periodically meets with Robert Redford (as Bob Woodward) offering clues that will cause the President of the United States to resign and deliver us from corruption. The real hero of the nation’s capital is John Groom, author of the new ebook The $1.8 Billion Man — a thorough investigation of what it really costs to run the White House.

Mr. Groom uses the White House as an example of the budgetary excess that, sadly, defines the way the federal government operates. While a small figure when viewed within the context of the budget as a whole, Groom’s point has greater currency, so to speak, as a metaphor for action: He shows us, with compelling evidence and lucid prose, how the White House – the very symbol of the executive branch and the nation – is a veritable kingdom of staff, administrators, cooks, valets, sycophants, servants and luxury. And the profligacy goes all the way to the top, with President Barack Obama “earning” a base salary of $400,000 a year! $The $1.8 Billion Man, indeed!

The strength of this book is in its exhaustive analysis. No mere polemic for “Team R” versus “Team D” in the political contest for control of federal power, this book is a primer about the cost of running the White House and the various perks of working at the seat of power. For example: it costs more than $56,000 per hour to operate Air Force One! Now calculate the number of times the president uses Air Force One to travel the country and the world, with many of these visits bearing little or no connection to genuine matters of state.

I highly recommend The $1.8 Billion Man because of its accuracy, evidence, clear writing and notable points of reference. John Groom understands the urgency for change. Forget about hope. Let’s dedicate ourselves to change. We can do so by purchasing The $1.8 Billion Man.

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