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The New York Times headline yesterday was: “Paladino Attacks Gays In Brooklyn Speech”

The NYT has since changed it to: “Paladino Laces Speech With Antigay Remarks”

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says: “I would be happy to address a gay convention about why they are being unfair and cruel to people who think that marriage should be male-female.

“This NYT headline is so irresponsible. He never attacked gays. He’s a religious Catholic. He spoke to Orthodox Jews on homosexuality. He said he wants kids to believe that the ideal is male-female love and marriage. Why is that an attack on gays?

“If I said, the ideal is marriage, is that an attack on singles?”

“Not everybody is single by choice.”

“If I were gay and had my values, I would stick up for gays. I would fight for their dignity, but I would not deny that male-female marriage is the ideal. I would say to the heterosexual majority that some of us can’t do that.”

“I’m not going to drop an ideal because some people can’t do it.”

Sam, a caller: “If a man is a bigot or a racist and it comes out in his notes…”

Dennis: “It is none of my business to know what you wrote as notes to yourself.”

“I don’t judge people by their thoughts. I judge people by their actions. If a person has the most racist thoughts on earth, but acts beautifully towards people of every race that person is not a racist. In your view, that person is a racist.”

Sam: “That person is inhuman because it is impossible…”

Dennis: “No. You’re wrong. That is not true. Then it is inhuman for every man to stay faithful because every man wants to have an extra-marital affair.”

Sam: “Do you want to have extra-marital affairs? I don’t.”

Dennis: “Yes. You don’t? Then you are lying to me and you are lying to yourself. You are the only man I’ve met who has actually said that with a straight face.

“You have no desire for any woman then your wife?”

Sam: “I do not.”

Dennis: “OK. You are amazing. Then you are a phenomenon.”

“Sam represented something that I have noted since graduate school — a profound amount of fooling oneself because of unpleasant reality.”

“Sam’s call will be the subject of a male-female hour. I’m going to play it. Men who lie about their own nature to themselves and why would they do that. One huge thing that gay and heterosexual men have in common is a desire for variety and immediate stimulation through the visual. For a man to deny that he has any desire for another woman sexually is to lie to himself in a way that frightens me.”

“Obviously it is a statement about my wife that I can be so open about this on the radio and have zero thought about how would she react.”

“I knew as a bachelor in my twenties that I couldn’t live with someone from whom I had to hide my nature. And that’s what he has to do apparently. It shook me up. Truth is the most important value.”

Next topic. “The president has decided along with the other Democratic candidates not to defend their policies. They changed America in two years more than any president since Delano Roosevelt and don’t defend it. Why doesn’t the president go around the country talking about Obamacare and his trillion dollar stimulus? Not a word. Why not? The president knows how spectacularly unpopular what he did was. He couldn’t care less. I don’t think he cares about who wins in November. He’s a committed leftist.”

“Those of you who spend your time trying to decipher his religion is making a mistake. It doesn’t matter. I don’t care where he is religiously. I care about his values. He’s a left-winger. That is what animates him. It is ineffective and counter-productive to say he is Muslim.”

D. emails: “Listen good and listen well, Sunny Jim! Your continuous bleating about what brain-dead, idiotic conservative radio host Dennis Prager has to say just shows me that you’re the primate equivalent of a fair-dinkum ovine. These pommies, featuring a long-haired Eric Clapton — who would later bring us a fair-dinkum toe-tapper of a tune with “Lay Down Sally” — knew the real question: “Anyone for Tennis?” Anyone’s who for Dennis — as in Dennis Prager — better jolly-well acknowledge he’s following a typical radio boor with no agenda other than furthering his own misguided delusions of grandeur. What a disappointment you are, lad. I should have jammed a garden trowel into your chest when you were a lad. You don’t see your brother Paul — as a fine a boy as any dad could hope to have sired — making a public spectacle of his own intellectual shortcomings, do you? I advise you to rock out, you little ponce … before I grab a roadside stone and bash your skull into mush.”


Monday, October 11, 2010 Radio Show
H1: Carly for Senate
Prager H1: Dennis talks to Carly Fiorina, Republican candidate for Senator of California. Dennis admires and trusts this woman… Republicans are fielding great candidates this year. Carly Fiorina is an obvious example, and so is Tim Scott, a black conservative Congressional candidate in South Carolina… The dollar is falling like a stone. Why is the Fed debasing our currency?

Monday, October 11, 2010 Radio Show
H2: Paladino
Prager H2: Carl Paladino committed the ultimate sin; he defended traditional marriage. For this he has been attacked as anti-gay… Dennis returns to Congressional candidate Tim Scott and why he is the future of the Republican Party and a nightmare for Democrats.

Monday, October 11, 2010 Radio Show
H3: Indian Givers
Prager H3: All high schools in Wisconsin must give up their Indian team names… Dennis talks to Desmond Lachman, Professor of Economics at Georgetown University, about the falling dollar and the rising debt… The President and his political advisors are trying to make a big deal out of the Chamber of Commerce spending “foreign money” to support Republican candidates. But it’s not true.

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