Ashley Alexandra Dupre Dressed Like A Cheerleader For Threesomes With Charlie Sheen


Ashley Alexandra Dupre has earned $200,000 from online music downloads.

Dupre made two of her tunes, What We Want and Move Ya Body, for sale as 99-cent downloads on music website Amie Street this week. Artists make 70% of sales, says the site’s co-founder Joshua Boltuch.

What We Want played on national radio station Z100 Thursday. "It’s not a bad song," said Tom Poleman, senior vice president for programming at the station. "Looks like she may have a new career, this time in music."

Director/music producer Jonathan Ehlers helped Dupre? cut her first demo in 2004. "She was great to work with," he said, adding she could make it in the music business if "she were to continue to perfect her craft. She definitely has the drive for it and the personality."

Showbizspy reports:

Ashley Alexandra Dupre partied and did drugs just before getting outed as Eliot Spitzer’s hooker.

On her MySpace page, Dupre claimed she had quit drugs. Her friends say this is a lie.

"Yes, I have seen her do cocaine," said one of her friends, who asked to remain anonymous. "It was actually really hard to talk to her during the night because she was . . . on coke."

"I’d watch her go through multiple bags [of cocaine] in a single evening," another friend who met Dupre at a nightclub tells the New York Daily News. ?She?d lock herself in a stall in the bathroom and snort away.?

Alexandra tattooed herself with reminders not to do drugs.

She became a hooker at the age of 19 when she met Jason Itzler, the self-proclaimed ?King of All Pimps.?

Ashley partied at New York’s most exclusive clubs. She was usually with wealthy men.

?When I met her, [Ashley] seemed like a very determined girl, but I think she wanted to be a woman too fast,? said Christopher Malta, who once worked with Dupre at the Chelsea club Viscaya. ?She was in the city and seeing everything that was going on, and she wanted a piece of it.?

According to ShowBizSpy:

Ashley dressed as a cheerleader during threesomes with actor Charlie Sheen.

At 19, she went with another prostitute named Cherl to play games with Charlie Sheen. He paid $20,000.

Former pimp Jason Itzler says Dupre worked for him under the name ?Victoria? years.

Jason says Sheen got the girls to dress up as cheerleaders – and chant his name while performing sex acts. ?They loved Charlie,? Itzer has previously said. ?They said he was a great guy, a great lover.

?One time, he had them dress up like cheerleaders and they chanted, ?Charlie, Charlie, he?s our man! If he can?t do it, nobody can!?

Itzler says Sheen liked to pretend to be an X-rated movie director and asked the two women to act out various lesbian scenarios for him.

Sheen, who has a history with hookers, denied the story when it first hit U.S. newspapers two years ago, before Dupre?s notoriety.

About Dupre, Itzler says: ?This was probably the sexiest, hottest girl I had. She?s no joke. She?s an awesome, awesome, super-cool girl.?

Itzler’s high-class prostitution ring NY Confidential was busted while Eliot Spitzer was New York state attorney general.

?How funny it is – what goes around does come around,? Itzler said. ?I?m the king of all pimps. He was the king of hypocrites.?

Itzler met Dupre in New York?s Gansevoort Hotel. He gave her his card.

She called him two days later after visiting the NY Confidential Web site.

He recalled: ?She says, ?Hey, Jason ? I want to work for you.? ?When I caught my breath, I said, ?Do you know what I do?? ?She?s like, ?Yeah.? I said, ?Get over here.? ?

He named the Jersey-girl-turned-call-girl ?Victoria,? and she quickly became a favorite of the Confidential clientele – four years before she became $4,300 hooker ?Kristen? and torpedoed Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

Itzler, 41, claimed Dupre? attracted a large and grateful clientele – and soon started earning tens of thousands of dollars a month. After her first date, Itzler claimed, he rewarded her with a $2,000 pair of Manolo Blahniks – the favored footwear of Sarah Jessica Parker?s character on ?Sex and The City?. ?I used to get e-mails saying, ?Now I can die happy,?? Itzler said of Dupre.

Itzler says she was a workaholic who was on the job six days a week and was often called for repeat business. ?She thrived on it, like a fish in water,? he said. ?Almost like an actor on stage on Broadway. Alive, you know?? Itzler was jailed in 2006 after pleading guilty to running the $25,000-a-night prostitution ring. He was released early last year. reports that top New York radio station Z100 quickly yanked her song from rotation.

"Z100 is all about playing what’s hot, and we can’t think of anything hotter than a song from the woman at the center of the scandal that took down the governor of New York," Tom Poleman, senior vice president of programming at the New Jersey-based radio station, said in a statement released Thursday. "On top of that, it’s not a bad song. Looks like she may have a new career; this time in music."

"Listener response has not been great, so we are pulling back and just offering [the song] to listeners via," on-air jock JJ told MTV News in an e-mail message Friday (March 14), though the track was still heard on the station later that day.

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