The Torah Hour Of Power

Nicholas Vance emails:

Today I listened to two weeks worth of the Torah Hour of Power. And I have a couple of modest suggestions.

Is it possible to post the show as an mp3 file?

What I’ve been doing is fishing the YouTube files out of the cache, carefully noting their proper order, stripping the audio, speeding up the resulting mp3 files 1.5x, and “gluing” them together. Then I launch MP3tag, plug in the relevant information and add a picture. Finally, I run the Zune software and copy the file to my MP3 player.

(That is, I prefer to listen to the show rather than watch it, and all these steps are rather time-consuming.)

And another thing: you need to purchase two clip-on microphones. The sound quality is OK, but your show would sound more professional without the background noise.

Oh, and turn off the *freaking* TV! Does Dennis Prager watch Monday Night Football during his radio programme?

And make Mr Rabbi Rabbs stop swearing! For the love of Torah, his language is absolutely appalling!! You need to explain to the good rabbi that there is no swearing, or anything else untoward, in the hovel!!!

And how about staying on topic during your conversations? And *not* talking about sex, especially male-on-male sex? And having a beginning and an ending to the show, complete with theme music? Could you do all that, please?

Also, where can I download Rabbi Rabbs book ?

Thank you.

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