Abuse At Yeshiva Of Spring Valley?

I first reported on this in 2008. A rabbi was fired after accusations he sexually abused second grade kids.

Here’s a July 15, 2010 letter from Hylton I. Lightman, M.D., David Pelcovitz, Ph.D. and Melvin Sinowitz Ph.D. sent to the members of the board of the Yeshiva of Spring Valley (K-8th grade) in Monsey, New York and to the dean, Rabbi Yehuda Frankel, and to the president of the board, Yisroel Orzel. It regards the recent wedding of Liviya Greenstein and Shmuli aka Shlomo Kushner:

We were consulted during the recent period involving the Greenstein family, in which a Yeshiva of Spring Valley Bais Sara staff member was intimately involved. We were shown some of the communication between the staff member and Liviya Greenstein, a good part of which took place when Liviya was a minor, and have found them to be a matter of concern.

Given the collateral damage, coupled with the recent news about another staff member from Yeshiva of Spring Valley, we feel strongly that it is incumbent upon the Yeshiva to conduct a proper inquiry to determine the culpability of its staff members. Additionally, we feel it would be useful for the administration to re-evaluate the events leading up to the wedding and perhaps determine what could and should have been done differently, to avert such a calamity from ever recurring. During the height of the crisis, the Yeshiva pledged to have the matter evaluated by a professional.

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