Can Seth Rogen’s ‘Porno’ Sell Tickets?

I fear that we are defining deviancy down at a time when we should be raising moral standards, not lowering them.

That’s why I’m running my live cam (maybe that’s why I’m all alone on my cam now, my insights are too profound to be appreciated by the masses, oh why must I suffer for the world’s sins) – to heighten moral awareness and to stimulate soul examination and to sensitize our ethical fibers (unmixed linen and wool) so that they vibrate with outrage at this pure filth being passed off as art.

Any time you have a penis entering a vagina, that’s not art.

From the USA Today:

MONROEVILLE, Pa. (March. 5) – It sounds like the most dangerous title in movies — "Zack & Miri Make a Porno" — but in comedy these days, the riskier the better.

Kevin Smith’s film, now shooting in western Pennsylvania, stars Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks as broke friends who embrace their desperation by making their own X-rated tape to pay off their debts. In the process, they uncover romantic feelings for each other.

Smith readily acknowledges that having "porno" in the title could turn off some potential viewers.

"We’re just hoping that by the time the movie comes out, if the marketing people do their jobs right, it’s a word that people will kind of get over," he says.

This is the era in which the nation just spent weeks chattering about Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel’s dueling videos about having sex with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. (Banks released her own spoof video about Rogen.) And R-rated films such as Knocked Up (co-starring Rogen), "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" (co-starring Banks and Rogen) and Superbad are major comedy hits.

…Those behind the film point out that it’s more than just a filthy movie (though it’s plenty filthy).

"What’s weird about it is, it’s dirty. But it’s so incredibly sweet," Smith says, noting that "Porno" will be rated R (obviously, there’s no actual porn in it). Banks says grown-ups are mature enough for immature jokes. "These kinds of comedies, these sweet and sexy comedies, have all started to push the envelope. This movie takes it even further, that’s definitely true. But if you’re over 15 years old … you know what sex is, and in comedy you’re always trying to find those taboos that you can break for a laugh. Sex in America is a huge one."

Yeah, well, the people who made Auschwitz also thought they were making a sweet and sexy comedy. It’s a thin line between homemade porn and creamatoria.

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