The Rules For Infidelity

The New York Times writes about this new book:

Yet a Frenchman tells Ms. Druckerman that “he had dropped out of therapy soon after meeting the woman who became his mistress, since he was finally happy.” One Orthodox rabbi ponders the Talmud on the rectitude of sex that takes less time than it does for a woman to remove a wood chip from her teeth. Philandering Finns are exceptionally comfortable with their behavior, perhaps because the Finnish press isn’t moralistic about it and perhaps because they travel a lot. Finns answer sex survey questions readily, since the questioner who rings their doorbells is likely to be dressed as a nurse. “All around the world, the biggest ‘risk factor’ for infidelity is simply being male,” Ms. Druckerman writes. Money and mobility also help to make it easier. The book also explores religion, class, weather, community and education as factors, and it can be glib to the point of offensiveness in tossing these constructs around. “Even Mexican men were a lower adultery risk than the lawyers I’m used to,” writes Ms. Druckerman (who was bucking for her own personal chapter in this book by getting married and having a baby in the course of flirting her way around the world doing research). “Perhaps I should have given some of them my number.”

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